Hebrews 9:15-28



“those who are called”


“promised eternal inheritance”


“died as a ransom”

  1. In the Old Covenant the animal sacrifices “atoned” or “covered” the sins.
  2. In the New Covenant  the death of Christ “redeemed” or “purchased” man from sin.
  3. Regeneration
  4. Imputation
  5. Substitution
  6. Repentance
  7. Redemption
  8. Reconciliation
  9. Propitiation
  10. Justification
  11. Sanctification




The Greek word is “diatheke”  which means “settlement”

This  word is used for “covenant” and “will in verses 9:15-17.


In verses 9:16, 17 it is used as “a last will and testament” where the owner gives his property to someone who has no claim on the property except for the “will” which is in effect when the owner dies.


The Greek word “diatheke” is used to translate the Hebrew word “berit” which speaks of covenants between men and men or God and men.


So the Greek word “diatheke” can be translated to mean:

1)     a settlement as in a will or a last will and testament

2)     a covenant or agreement between two parties







The first covenant required blood although it was not the blood of the one who made it nor the blood of the owner.




Everything was sprinkled with the blood of the covenant

Recounts Exodus 24:3-8



The copies were purified with the blood of animals sacrificed according to the Old Covenant.

But, this purification was again limited to the outward things and did not enter the soul of man.


The heavenly things were purified with better things.

This includes the conscious of man from verse 9:14



Christ entered heaven itself to appear for us



Christ entering heaven is not repeated like the high priest entering the Most Holy Place each year.



If Christ’s death were repeated he would have been doing it for years.  Similar to the ancient religions recognition of the seasons.


Jesus death:

  1. appeared once
  2. for all
  3. at the end of the ages
  4. do away with sin
  5. sacrificed himself



Man is destined to die once.  Christ could not have died more than once.

Man is destined to face judgment




Christ also died once as a sacrifice.

Isaiah 53:10, 11 and 12


When he appears again he will bring salvation for those who are waiting for him.