Hebrews 2:16-3:6



“he helps” is the Greekepilambanetai

  • This word is used twice in this verse
  • Same word used in Heb. 8:9 referring to God taking hold of Israel to deliver them

“Abraham’s Seed” not Adam’s seed

  • Galatians 3:29 – “If you belong to Christ then you are Abraham’s seed”



Reason it is important to be united with men is to be their high priest.

A Mediator between God and man.  Representing both God and man.

  • Faithful in Service to God
  • Merciful in Atonement for the sins of people

Jesus can enter God’s presence because he is sinless.

Jesus can represent us before God because he has made us sinless



Jesus was tempted to abandon the will and plan of God.

Jesus suffered temptations like all men

Jesus suffered temptations that are unique only to the Messiah

  • Mark 3:21, 31
  • Mark 8:32
  • Jesus rebuked Peter (Mark 8:33) the way he rebuked Satan (Matt. 4:10) when either one of them tried to get the Messiah to change God’s plan.


Our High Priest knows what it is like to think:

-          I have gone far enough.

-          I don’t want to do this anymore

-          I see a way to get the prize without following God’s ways

-          I want to do it my way not God’s way



“Holy Brothers”

-          “Holy” set apart for God, separated from the ways and wills of the world

-          “Brothers” a family, a unified group in the Kingdom of God, Those united with Christ.

“Heavenly calling” or “epouraniou  metocoi

  • “metocoi” or “metocoi” means “sharers”, “one who shares, partner, associate”

This is your positional truth.

Next, “fix your thoughts” is the word “katanohsate

  • “to put the mind down on a thing, to fix the mind on something, to consider
  • The word expresses attention and continuous observation and regard
  • Aorist imperfect active
    • Active – you do it yourself
    • Aorist Imperfect – calls for a specific act with a note of urgency

“Apostle” – “one who is commissioned as an authoritative representative”

“High Priest” -


“Confess” “ ’omologiaV” “homologias

  • “homo” – meaning “same”
  • “logias” – meaning “say”
  • The compound word means: a binding expression of obligation and commitment”
  • It refers to us hearing what Jesus has done for us and saying the same thing


God has spoken to us through Jesus, the apostle who spoke God’s will.

God has shown us how to respond to God’s word through Jesus, the high priest who represents us before God.



Jesus was faithful then to God as an apostle and as a high priest

The combination of the royal representative and the priest is rare in the OT

  • Melchizedek
  • Moses (Aaron was the high priest but Moses was the intercessor and actually went into the tabernacle, etc.
    • Numbers 17:8 “Moses entered the Tent of the Testimony”

The “house” that Moses was faithful over was the house of Israel.



Moses was a servant

Jesus is the son

Moses was part of the house

Jesus is the creator of the house


Moses “testified” to what would be said and done in the future.

Christ is the fulfillment


The use of the word “testimony” (martyrion) may be referring back to the “tent of testimony” (martyriou).  It all testified to the coming Messiah

See Hebrews 9:1-10


Moses oversaw Israel and brought them through the wilderness and brought them success, and led them to the Promise land.

We are Jesus’ house.  He will lead us through the wilderness and to victory if. . .

“hold on to our courage (confidence)”

“hold on to the hope of which we boast”


“If” is conditional.  It is the 3rd class condition “maybe you will, maybe you won’t”