Hebrews 10:8

Romans – 2 Thessalonians = Paul’s letters to the Gentiles

1 Timothy – Titus = Pastoral Letters

Hebrews – 3 John = The General letters to the Jews


The law required the sacrifices but they did not please or satisfy God. (Propitiation)



The new covenant sets aside the sacrifices of the old covenant



“have been made holy” is in the perfect tense again as a settled state.

The people are set apart as God’s holy people.  This speaks of positional holiness.

The people have been sanctified by having their sins removed by this one sacrifice.



day after day” is mentioned here for the daily sacrifice.

In 10:1 “year after year” is mentioned for the day of atonement.


every priest stands” is a sign they were never done.

In 8:1 “we do have a high priest who sat down” and 1:3 “he sat down at the right hand of the majesty in heaven.”  And the quote of Psalm 110:1 in Hebrews 1:13:

            Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for             your feet.”

Jesus has finished his work and it is eternally complete.

A seated priest indicates the priest’s work is done.

Jesus continues to minister before God as an intercessor but not as a sacrificing priest.

The Latin Vulgate caused confusion concerning Christ’s work at the right hand of God due to the limits of the verbs of Latin language in this case. 



The author now picks up on the enemies and the footstool concept for the first time.  This is done without comment but appears to be a hint to those who are wavering to recognize that this age of grace will not last forever.


Paul combines Psalm 110:1 and Psalm 8:6 in 1 Corinthians 15:24-28



he has made perfect” is perfect tense indicating:


1. a past action with continuing results,

2. a settled state, 

3. a past action with continuing results.


are being made holy” is present tense indicating:

  1. a continuous action that happens over and over
  2. In 10:10 it is positional sanctification.  Here it is temporal sanctification


Three things named from Christ’s sacrifice:

  1. Cleanse our conscience (9:14)
  2. We may approach God since we have been made holy (10:10)
  3. We have become a people made perfect (10:14)


These three things are the fulfillment of the promises of the New Covenant:

  1. Laws on our hearts (new nature, cleansed conscience) 8:10
  2. They will all know me (personal relationship, approach God) 8:11
  3. Remember sins no more (delivered from sin, made holy or set apart) 8:12



A review of the promises of the New Covenant recorded in the Old Covenant as a testimony from the Holy Spirit.



A summary of our position in Christ by his sacrifice which is the New Covenant



Since we are confident of our doctrine let us now begin to serve.

Point: If we are in constant fear of losing our salvation our mission becomes focused on keeping or maintaining our salvation.  If we are secure our focus is focused on serving God and man from our new sanctified position.