Genesis 2:18-25



Something is “not good” – man has no companion that matches him.

-          the skies without the lights and birds are incomplete

-          the seas without the fish are incomplete

-          the land is incomplete without man and the animals

-          the man is incomplete without the woman

“Not good” is emphasized in the Hebrew sentence.


God observes and decides man is incomplete.  Adam does not tell him nor is Adam asked.


Literally: “I will make him for him a helper as in front of him.”


“as in front of him” is Hebrew “kenegdo” and indicates that what God creates for Adam will correspond to him in that the woman will not be inferior to Adam nor superior to him.

This helper will be “him for him a helper as in front of him”


“helper” is Hebrew “ ‘ezer”.  Means “aid” and “support”  She is indispensable partner.  Woman is  not a choice, a convenience or a servant for man.

1 Corinthians 11:9 woman is made for man.  Man can not achieve what God intended without woman.  Woman’s purpose exists only with man.

This word “ ‘ezer” is used frequently to describe YHWH’s relationship in covenant to Israel.  The stronger YHWH is Israel’s “ ‘ezer”

-          Exodus 18:4

-          Deut. 33:7

-          Psalm 33:20

“ ‘ezer” refers to help from a stronger one who does not need help”

In Isaiah 30:5 the “ ‘ezer” is called on because of superior military strength

In Psalm 121:1 the “ ‘ezer “ has superior size.



To give a name is a sign of authority or sovereignty.

Woman does not come from the animals which are dominated by man



God is the creator not the namer

“No suitable helper” means:

1)     No ‘ezer

2)     No Covenant partner



Ancient religions and cultures do not have a separate account of the creation of the female.

Scriptures place woman in an equal and exalted place.

This is unique but was not always followed by Israel


Gen. 1:27 indicates God creating both the male and the female

Here in 2:21 we find how God made the female.

Man was taken from the earth.  Woman from the man.


“Side” or “rib” is the Hebrew word “sela”.

“Sela” is used for the side of the ark of the covenant ( Ex. 25:12), the side of  a building (Ex. 26:20), a ridge or terrace on a hill (2 Sam. 16:13)

1 Kings 7:3 “sela” is a beam or part of the frame work in the temple.


“Deep Sleep” is “tardema” in the Hebrew.  It is the same as Abram in Gen. 15:12. 

It is a trance like state where he can observe, he can hear but can not participate.



“Make”  is “bana” which literally means “build”.  This verb’s definition implies beauty, stability and durability.



First recorded speech of humans


“bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh” is not Adam stating where woman came from but speaks of a covenant relationship between the two.  It is a statement of common, reciprocal loyalty.


When the tribes of Israel visited David in 2 Sam. 5:1 they say, “we are your bone and flesh”.  They are not saying “we have the same roots” or “the same family”.  They are pledging their loyalty to David.


This statement is Adam swearing allegiance to the woman in a marriage covenant.


Woman is called “issa” (“issha”) and man is the word “is” (“ish”)


Jesus uses these verse as the basis for the teaching on marriage.


Woman comes from man which secures her equality.



“forsake” describes Israel’s rejection of their covenant with YHWH (Jer. 1:16; 2:13)

Man is to “forsake” his covenant with his family and go to his wife.


“cling” is the maintenance of this new covenant. “Deut. 4:4; 10:20


Marriage is a covenant and not a temporary living arrangement.



“naked” speaks of the whole being not just physical


Naked describes:

-          poor (Job 24:7; Ez. 18:16)

-          a sign of shame or guilt (Gen. 3:7; Ex. 16:22, 37)

-          a reference for birth (Job 1:21; Eccl. 5:15)


Nakedness through out scripture is most frequently a symbol of guilt.


1 Cor. 11:2-16

1 Tm. 2:8-15

1 Cor. 6:16

Eph. 5:31


Principles of Marriage from Genesis 2

1)     Instituted by God

2)     Purpose is fulfillment and companionship

3)     Partnership has both headship (man) and helpship (woman)

4)     Permanence – one flesh until death separates them

5)     Man and Woman

a.      Not man and animal or man and man

b.      Homosexuality was never the basis upon which the great societies or the great empires were built.  Through out time the basis of all great civilizations has been marriage and family.  Homosexuality may have appeared and become common in great civilizations but only during the decline of a society.  Homosexuality has never been the foundation of a culture nor has it ever stepped in and saved a culture once it began to decline.