1. Caesar (Luke 2:1) He issued a decree of the entire Roman world but was too busy to realize
that the kingdom of Christ was bigger, better and would swallow up his empire.

2. Zechariah (Luke 1:8) He was choosen to go into the temple. He had served faithfully for years
but when the time was right the time for God's chosing came.

3. Gabriel (Luke 1:11) He was standing at the right side of the altar and said, "I am Gabriel, . . .
I stand in the presence of God." Gabriel had seen it all including Lucifer's work as a cherub before
the fall of the angels. Yet, this event was of greater eternal importance.

4. Elizabeth (Luke 1:25) She said, "The Lord has done this for me." In the midst of the big picture
she could still see God as her personal God. She understood that it was all about God reaching
into her life.

5. Nazareth (Luke 1:26) A town in Galilee that had been given to the Israelites but lost due to
disobedience. Isaiah 9:1-2 said that a day would come where a great light would shine on this
land darkened with rebellion and sin. Christmas is about God bringing his light to the lost, the
rebellious and to those who are in darkness today.

6. Mary (Luke 1:27) Genesis 3 promises there would be the seed of the woman; Isaiah 7 speaks
of the sign of the virgin with a child; Revelation 12 captures the eternal promise that was to come
into the earth. Mary, like all of us, have a place in God's eternal plan. The world had been waiting
for the virgin to give birth to this God/man. It says in Luke 1:27, "The virgins name was Mary."

7. Joseph (Matthew 1:20) Joseph was pledged to be married and was preparing for his wife.
The angel spoke to him in a dream and called him "Joseph, son of David." Joseph was busy but
took time to respond to the call and purpose of God. Joseph interrupted his daily routine and
responsibilities to meet the heavenly responsibilities.

8. Bethlehem (Luke 2:3) According to Micah 5:2 the small city was going to produce something
bigger than itself. We do not make God great, instead it is the great God who makes us small
people bigger than ourselves.

9. Manger (Luke 2:7) The only thing offered to the Lord was the manger. It was humble, but
it was all the Lord needed. God does not need the best, the newest or the most beautiful to do
his work. He just needed something and the manger would work.

10. Inn (Luke 2:7) There was no room for him in the Inn. Today there is still no room for the
Christ in Christmas. There schedules and expense accounts are already full.

11. Angels (Luke 2:9-11) These angels where not acting out a play for the shepherds. The angels
were really excited and rejoicing. We do not need to fake our religion. When we understand it
our emotions and attitudes will be changed.

12. Shepherds (Luke 2:8) The shepherds also had to work on the 'holiday' but God met them
right where they were at.

13. Herod (Matthew 2:7) In order to defend his worldly kingdom, Herod had to become
hostile toward the Christ. Herod did not want to share the Christmas holidays with Jesus.
Many people today realize the threat that Jesus and Christianity are to their kingdoms.

14. The Star (Matthew 2:9) The star was used by God to draw the wisemen. The star was
not placed in the sky by some church group or religion. God took care of that by himself.
Today God is still in the business of drawing people to himself, even without our help. The
star did lead them to Jerusalem and to the scribes who had the Word of God to show the
magi there next step in following God. Likewise today, God will draw people in a variety of
ways but it will always be in the same direction. God will draw men to his word.

15. Wisemen (Matthew 2:2) The wisemen where the gentiles who had heard that Judah was
to have a great king. Today many people are still searching because they know the Christ
exists. This Christmas do not worry about those who reject Christ but be alert to those who
are still searching for the Christ this Christmas.