First Corinthians 3:5-9



diakonoV - deacon, minister, servant


ekastw wV o kurioV edwken

every man†††††††† the Lord†††††† bestow, bring forth, commit, deliver, give, grant, minister, have power,


This verse answers the question in 3:4: ďAre you not mere men?Ē

The Corinthians had:

a)       misunderstood the gospel

b)       inadequate perception of the church

c)       inadequate perception of ministry


Paul and Apollos are servants not masters

These verse state there is one goal: the harvest.


The Corinthians perception of the servants is both too high and too low:

a)       too high because they have given themauthority beyond their calling and Godís plan

b)       too low because they have subjected them to their own human judgment.


Pastors and teachers are servants:

2 Cor. 3:6††††††††† 2 Cor 6:4†††††††††† 2 Cor. 11:23††††† Rom. 16:1†††††††† Col. 1:7, 23, 25

Col. 4:7†††††††††††† Eph. 3:7††††††††††† Ep. 6:21††††††††††† 1 Tim. 4:6


Jesus teaching on servants:

Mark 10:41-45; Luke 22:25-27

Mark 10:42-45


The Cross is:

a)       the center and pivot of the gospel

b)       Godís way to contradict the world and manís ways

c)       A basic model for ministry


Paul wants the Corinthians to recognize Apollos and Paul are different because of Godís plan and their growth.It should not be a source of strife.


Paul wants the Corinthians to focus on the Lord not the servants.



egw efuteusa apollwV epotisen all o qeoV huxanen

I have planted†††† Apollos††††† watered†††† but†††††††††† God††††††† gave the increase



wote oute o futeuwn estin ti ouite o potizwn allSo then†† neither is he that plants††† any thing†††††† neither he that waters but

o uxanwn qeoV

that giveth the increaseGod