Corrections to first edition of "Hope For America's Last Generation" (there are more to find)

Table of Contents - Switch "Chapter 15: The Four Generation Cycle in the United States" with
"Chapter 16: The United States and Its Five Cycles of Judgment"

page 13 - forth line from bottom "where" should be "were"

page 14 - Change the ":" to a "." on the last line of the page.

page 20 - Rev. 3:11 quote "you crown" should be "your crown"

page 26 - Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures not the Latin!!!!
This should read:
". . .which, in the Greek, is 'eosphorus' or 'dawn-bearer' in the Septuagint
(Greek version from 200 BC). In 405 AD Jerome translated this as "lucis" ("light") and "ferre" ("to bring") in the Latin Vulgate. In 1611, the English King James translators utilized this Latin phrase "lucis ferre" when they brought it into the King James version as the English word "Lucifer".

page 42 - In fifth line in the section titled "The Tribulation" insert the word "to" so it reads ". . . sacrifical system according to the Law of Moses."

page 126 - In the caption under the picture remove the space at the end of the third line between "stones" and the ":"

page 139 - One "Darrow" and one "Bryan" needs to be moved back inline.

page 140 - Two "Bryan" needs to be moved back inline.

page 141 - One "Bryan" and two "Darrow" need to be moved back inline.

page 144 - The fifth "Darrow" should be moved back inline

page 170 - Big mistake!! "Amos 6:8" should be "Micah 6:8". I also did this again on page 246. My
apologies to those of you who are using this book for a Bible study. I can only imagine the interruption
this must have caused if someone looked up Amos 6:8 and began reading it to the group: ". . .the Lord God Almighty declares: I abhor the pride of Jacob and detest his fortresses. . ."

page 172 - Three errors on this page (so far):
1) Third line under "Ezekiel Chapter 38" change "God and Magog" back to "Gog and Magog"
2) 10th line from the top "take on new life" should be changed to "taken on new life"
3) Remove small underline mark at the end of the last sentence in the last line.

page 201 - The map should say "Modern Western Turkey" instead of "Modern Eastern Turkey". I was
thinking the "Eastern" part of the world when I made the map. No one has found this mistake on their own

page 246 - Big mistake the second time!! "Amos 6:8" should be "Micah 6:8". I also did this on page 170.

Backcover - spell "judgment" correctly in the fourth line down. Not "judgement".

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