The 500 Years Before Christmas


586     Fall of Jerusalem to Babylon                                   Jeremiah 39:1-14

539     Cyrus Overthrows Babylon                                      Daniel 5:1-30

536     Jews Begin Return to Jerusalem                            Ezra 1:1-2

516     Zerubabbel’s Temple is Finished              

334     Alexander the Great Leaves Greece                      Daniel 11:1-4

323     Alexander Dies                                                         Ezekiel 26 (Alexander defeats Tyre)

170     Onias, the righteous High Priest Dies                    Daniel 11:21

168     Antiochus Epiphanes, Maccabean Revolt

165     Temple Rededicated

            Hasmoneans, Pharisees

78         Antipas Dies, Alexander Janneaus had made him Governor of Idumea (S. Judah, Edom)

47               Antipater, Antipas’s  son, is made Judea’s Procurator by Rome

His children are: Phasael, Joseph, Peroias, Salome (daughter), Herod

45               Herod becomes governor of Galilee

44               Julius Caesar assassinated

40               Roman Senate appoints Herod the King of Judea

37               Herod finally takes control of Judea

32               Civil War in Rome- Marc Antony v. Octavian

31        Octavian is the 1st Roman Emperor. Replaces Republic w/ Imperial Gov’t. 

27        Octavian is given the title “Augustus” (“exalted one”) by vote of the Senate


Matthew 2:1-23

Luke 2:1-7