Galatians 5:13-18


Freedom has two directions:
            a)  indulge in sinful nature

b)      serve one another in love



Fulfilling the law is what legalizers tried to do.

Now, only in freedom can it be done.


“Freedom”   mentioned in 2:4; 4:26; 4:31; 5:1


Chapter 5 and 6 is the life in the Spirit.

Or, life free from the bondage of religious law.


A Jew without the Mosaic Law could not imagine how morality would be maintained

A Pagan without some religious system of works would be completely unmotivated and   uncontrollable.

Now, a Christian has the Spirit providing both the motivation and the power.  But, even   more, it is now the believers new nature.  They are learning to walk in their new            nature. Or, walk in the Spirit


13-Paul had said earlier that he believed they would have no other view and he picks up on that here by speaking to them about how to live the moral and ethical Christian life with out a law.

The warning before was to be saved and return to legalism

Now the warning is to be saved and return to sin.


The options:


            Self-service                                         Service to other:

            Legalism                                              Love



“indulge” is “aphorme”    KJ:  “occasion”    meaning the “place from which an attack is made, a base of operation.”   Syn:  “opportunity, occasion, advantage.”

            Used in 2 Cor 11:12 twice   “cut the ground. . .who want an opportunity.”


14-    “summed up” is “peplerotai”

1-      means the law can be summarized

                                                              i.      Lev. 19:18

                                                            ii.      Mt. 22:39

                                                          iii.      Lk 10:25-28

KEY VERSE:  Rm 5:5 “God has poured o8ut his live in our hearts.

2-      means fulfilled as the Judiaizers are trying to do


The law is still “holy” is is just not attainable by the flesh.



15 -    There are no details but the legalistic teaching resulting is self service by the mass of Galatians (not to mention the loss of any opportunity to move together in love as

 in Ep. 4. 


            a)  Biting

            b)  Devouring means attempt to eat up

            c)  Destroying means consume and pictures wild animals in a deadly struggle.



16 – If you live by Spirit you will not indulge sin nature


17 – The Spirit of God will lead you and produce in you things contrary to the sin nature

            Downside: You won’t be doing what you (sin nature) wants

Upside:  You will be fulfilling the purpose of the law so you don’t’ need to be under the law to lead you step by step.  The Spirit will be leading you step by step.



18      Led by Spirit or allow yourself to be led by Spirit



A)    Walk in 16

B)    Led in 18  

C)    Live in 25


 Not be governed or placed into bondage by Spirit

More like “teach you to walk in this new nature”


You have been formed like Christ.  Now learn to live like Christ or conform to Christ.+