Chapters 4-24, God warns people

1.     prophetic messages

2.     symbolic acts


Initial warnings

Chapters 4-7, Ezekiel dramatizes the coming siege and destruction of Jerusalem

1.     chapter 4 dramatizes the siege

2.     chapter 5 dramatizes the dispersion

3.     chapter 6-7 says that human effort will not prevent the destruction


June 597                   Jehoiachin taken captive in the second captivity

July 5 593                 Ezekiel 1:1

Sept. 17 592            Ezekiel 8:1

Aug. 14 591             Ezekiel 20:1

Jan.15 588               Ezekiel 24:1

Jan. 15 588              Beginning of the second siege (2 Kings 25:1)

Ezekiel 26:1- 32:17 seven more messages

July 18 586              Fall of Jerusalem

January 8 585         Ezekiel 33:21

April 28 573             Ezekiel 40:1, the Millennial vision


Chapters 4-11

· Ezekiel demonstrated the fact of the siege with the tablet and model city, the rationed food, laying on his side and

shaving his hair.

· He explained the reason for the siege.

· He has now been given another vision showing why judgment was necessary.


Chapter 12

· The people cannot understand. Their theology and understanding of God is so confused they cannot make sense or

believe Ezekiel’s words.

· Ezekiel gives two more dramas to demonstrate. God says “They have eyes to see but do not see and ears to hear but do

not hear, for they are a rebellious people.” (12:1) 

· The first drama is to dig through the wall of his house like an exile. (12:4)

· The second drama is to eat food and shudder with fear (12:17)


Ezekiel follows the two dramas with five messages:

1.     12:21-25– Message One– False Doctrinal statement “The days go by and every vision comes to nothing.”

2.     12:26-28– Message Two– False Doctrinal statement “The vision he sees is for many years from now.”

3.     13—Message Three– Foolish prophets condemned

4.     14:1-11—Message Four—Idolatrous Elders condemned

5.     14:12-23—Message Five—No one can save or intercede for Israel now


Ezekiel 15-17

· Three proverbs

1.     The useless vine

2.     The adulterous wife

3.      The great eagle