Eschatological Update


Interpretation Style is Literal: Daniel 9:2, Jeremiah 25:11-12; 25:1 (29:10)

Daniel was gifted in dream interpretation and had extensive experience in understanding symbolism in visions, but when he read

Jeremiah’s prophecy of 70 years he did not try to unravel it, allegorize it or seek the symbolic meaning. Seventy years meant just that, 70 years.


Statue: Daniel 2:39-45

7 years: Daniel 9:26-27

Anti-christ: Daniel 11:36-45


Who is the anti-christ? The four “D’s” may provide some clues:

  • Deny Father and Son: 1 John 2:18-26
  • Divide the land of Israel: Joel 3:1-6 and Daniel 11:39
  • Decapitate unbelievers: Revelation 20:4-5
  • Desert: Revelation 17:3 which is Edom (Saudi Arabia) in Isaiah 34:8-10 and its pitch (tar, oil) will burn forever


What nations are destroyed with the anti-christ when Christ returns?

  • Egypt, Saudi Arabia – Joel 3:19-20
  • Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt – Isaiah 13-21
  • Egypt, Gaza Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran – Jeremiah 46-50
  • Turkey, Iran, Libya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan – Ezekiel 38-39
  • Libya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt – Daniel 11:43


Some nations oppose the anti-christ and his religion and his violent persecution:

  • Yeman, southern Palestine (Negev), the Western World – Ezekiel 38:13
  • Jordan and parts of northwest Saudi Arabia will be delivered from anti-christ’s control – Daniel 11:41
  • Nations in Africa, Nations from the north and nations from the East will come against the anti-christ – Daniel 11:40, 44
  • Judah (Israel) will fight and collect the plunder of the nations that are around Israel (all Muslim and all overthrown) – Zechariah 14:14
  • There are believers in all the nations that the AC and his religion conquered – Zechariah 14:16


Nations Judged:

  • Matthew 25:31
  • Ezekiel 43:1
  • Isaiah 63:1-6
  • Psalm 2