Daniel 9:9-19


A Generation can repent of the father’s sin – Ezekiel 18; Jeremiah 31:29-30


Three times this chapter mentions the people who received God’s word of warning: Kings, Princes and Fathers. Daniel then refers to this group as Israel 9:7, 11, 20



God is

  • merciful and
  • forgiving.

Israel has

  • rebelled,
  • not obeyed the Lord,
  • not obeyed the laws,
  • has transgressed law,
  • turned away,
  • refused to obey


Result is the word they rebelled against has literally come to pass in the form of judgment.


just as it is written” became an expression common in the New Testament and in Rabbinic literature which said “As it is written” which spoke of the authority and surety of the scriptures.


Deuteronomy 28:15-68

Leviticus 26:14-40


How could this be unique when it has happened to many other nations before and since? The other nations worshipped false gods (Psalm 135:15-17; Isaiah 44:9). The destruction of Jerusalem and the captivity of the Jewish people was the destruction of God’s Temple, the judgment of the people who had his Truth and Laws, and the bringing of the curses of a divine covenant.



did not hesitate to bring the disaster upon us”  is literally

watched concerning the disaster and brought it upon us.”



Daniel begins his petition



Prayer for rebuilding Temple

Prayer for rebuilding Jerusalem

Prayer for restoring Jewish People