Sanae wrote:
I have been listening to Galyn's CDs for a few months and was leaning so much that I started reading this book the day it was published.  In the book Galyn says that Christians today "don't need more thematic Sunday morning messages on things they' ve heard a hundred times. They long to hear the Word of God explained as plainly as possible."   I've been a Christian for 20 years and this is exactly how I  was feeling. 

The book helped me understand God's message for our generation and what he expects from His Church.  This understanding gives me the guidance I need for my daily walk as a Christian.  It's not so much about becoming a better Christian, but about living life with a mission. I now understand where in history I am and what it means to live a holy life to help fulfill God's plan.   

I'm reading the book a second time through now .  Though I may not understand everything that happens in the world and in my daily life, I still have hope and don't feel lost because I understand that God is in charge of our history.

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