A Reader from Colorado Writes:

"I can't NOT write this letter of thanks to you for your incredible book!!!  I just finished reading it last night as I finally had time to not put it down.  It shouldn't have taken so long, but I really needed the type of quiet time where I could absorb every word and the time finally happened the last 2 days!  (yea)  I was blown away by the book and its implications.  I had heard you teach so many of those parts before (and actually remembered what you said!), but seeing it all laid out in this systematic and concise fashion really put the exclamation point on the teaching.  I don't think there are enough adjectives to express the importance and effect that this book can and should have on this generation. When I first started reading it, I wrote down some of my immediate feelings: directed, determined, fast paced, passionate, persistent, relentless, Scripture-based not Galyn-based, focused and timely.  Now that I've finished, I can add: the absolute TRUTHS reverberate at an alarming pace.  I can feel your sense of urgency based on past and future knowledge.  There was something for EVERYONE in this book manifested in general revelation regardless of their religion.  For those of us with special revelation (the written revelation of scripture), it hit home even harder.  I feel you've written a very critical book for a very fragile time. There must be something about absolute truth that reverberates in the heart as if one had come "home" because that's how the words hit me deep within.  Needless to say, this book is so inspirational and I intend on sharing it with many people.  Thank you for giving us an honest,
up-to-date, eye-opening and sobering look at our times and where we're going." 

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