Revelation 16

This is the third woe. They occur quickly in succession First four occur to the earth, sea, rivers, sky Effect: “every living thing died” The voice is God’s since no one else is in the temple at this time (15:8) It will be clear to the world that these disasters are not natural but directly from God

First bowl Similar to 6th plague of Moses boils The bowls are shallow saucers similar to those used in the temple. The contents can not be poured out slowly and under control. The contents can only be dumped or slung out onto the earth. “ugly” is the word “kakos” and is used for “evil” “painful” is “poneros” and means “malignant. “Painful” can be translated “malignant” Together they describe festering sores that are painful and incurable. “sore” is “helkos” which means “ulcer” These sores only come to those with the mark This is a temporal pain that is reflective of their eternal pain spoken of in 14:9-12

Second bowl Sea becomes polluted with blood Genesis 1:21 turns into all marine life dies The effects of these bowls are total. All life dies. This is a clear sign they happen at the end for the world could not sustain life if the Lord does not return. Only partial death occurs with the second trumpet. The seas have served to purify the earth through the years. Now the balanced physical world no longer has a purification system. World extinction is just days away.

Third bowl Affects fresh water Polluted with blood Same thing happens to the fresh water as happened to the seas. Fresh water was already in short supply after the 3rd trumpet. Now it is gone. In Rev. 7:1 the winds where held back which caused the stop of cloud movement and rain. There may have been a 7 year drought.


Angel and altar talk concerning the legitimacy of the plagues There will be nothing to drink but the polluted water, the blood water. Hebrews 10:26,27, there is nothing left to expect but judgment to those who reject God 16:5-6


Fourth Bowl is poured on to the sun. The atmosphere will seem to be on fire Sun increases intensity of heat The people must realize that God is sovereign and turn in repentance Instead they “”blasphemeo” NIV “curse” it means to blaspheme or to slander Obviously the increased heat will melt the polar caps and take out much of the earths land. Just like Pharaoh, the people hardened their hearts READ ISAIAH 24

The first five bowls where to take away all human hope. To back man into a corner so he only has one choice. The fifth bowl takes away all meaning and purpose. Fifth Bowl Kingdom of beast into darkness In Rev. 2:13 the word throne “thronos” was used to say that Satan’s throne was in Pergamum. Here “thronos” is the “throne of the beast” Darkness may refer to spiritual understanding. Meaning those in the beast kingdom had believed in a purpose, plan and principle of the beast’s kingdom. At this point they have lost all meaning, direction and have no motivation to continue. Yet they do not repent. Even though their philosophy is empty and there is no longer any alternative but to repent and turn to God. They refuse. Joel calls this day “a day of darkness and gloom” Joel 2:2; 3:14-15

Sixth bowl Dries up the Euphrates River which is flowing well beyond flood stage. The first four where attacks on mans world. The fifth an attack on mans worldly hope. Now, the sixth, is the bringing of the final battle. Kings form the East led by demons will move to Armageddon The demonic rulers of this world are even now being prepared for a confrontation with the Sovereign King of Kings of the universe. Historically nothing like this has ever happened. Once again, revealing the worthlessness of alternative interpretations.

Frog like evil spirits “Evil” is “akatharta “unclean” Each from the dragon, the beast and the false prophet. Frogs are slimy and cold blooded. A good image of the evil intent.

These evil spirits produce miracles

A warning to be vigilant and stay awake during these days. Be clothed as in Isaiah 61:10 and Romans 13:14 KEY VERSE: 1 John 2:28 This warning has application to the church in 96 AD and through out time. Matt 24:43 1 Thess. 5:2,4 16:16 Christ’s Parousia (return, coming), Armageddon, Fall of Babylon are all connected and occur together. The Babylon and the Fall of Babylon will be discussed in detail in chapters 17, 18 The return of the Lord (Parousia) & the battle of Armageddon are discussed in 19:11-16

seventh bowl Poured into the air This may be a direct attach on the demonic, and satanic powers of the earth. This is the end