The Greatest of all English Literature: Shakespeare and The King James Version In the 1800's, there developed steady proof that Shakespeare did not write his plays and someone else had.  The leading candidate for who wrote them was Sir Francis Bacon. The greatest of all English translations of the Bible was the Authorized Version, also known as the King James Version. History records that the finest scholars in England composed it.  Frances Bacon, Shakespeare’s alleged ghostwriter, edited the final work of the King James Version.    Shakespeare, who was born in 1564, would have been 46 in 1610 during Bacon's editing of the KJV.  Shakespeare then would have turned 47 the year it was released.  It appears that Frances Bacon autographed his work for Shakespeare while editing the KJ Bible in the Psalm that matched Shakespeare's age during the year of editing.  Bacon (alias: Shakespeare) then coded this autograph with Shakespeare's age at the time the KJ was to be released. Go to Psalm 46: count to the 47th word from the beginning then count to the 47th word from the end.