King James Version or a Shakespeare Play? Select which of the following quotes come from the King James Bible and which ones come from Shakespeare. KJ Shake 1. “A city on a hill” KJ Shake 2. “A custom more honored in the breech” KJ Shake 3. “A drop in the bucket” KJ Shake 4. “A lean and hungry look” KJ Shake 5. “A little bird told me” KJ Shake 6. “A plague on both your houses” KJ Shake 7. “All things to all men” KJ Shake 8. “All that glitters is not gold” KJ Shake 9. “Apple of my eye” KJ Shake 10. “A pound of flesh” KJ Shake 11. “At my wits end” KJ Shake 12. “Constant as the north star” KJ Shake 13. “Can a leopard change his spots?” KJ Shake 14. “Every dog will have his day” KJ Shake 15. “Eat, drink, and be merry.” KJ Shake 16. “In my mind’s eye” KJ Shake 17. “Handwriting on the wall” KJ Shake 18. “Into thin air” KJ Shake 19. “Lick the dust” KJ Shake 20. “It’s Greek to me” KJ Shake 21. “Of making books there is no end.”



Answers To “KJV or Shakespeare”: odd are KJV, even are Shakespeare Answers: 1-6: eslaf 7-10: eurt 11: 6-4 BC since Herod died in the spring of 4 BC. 12: B 13: A Bonus: False. This Feast applies to Mary. It was a doctrine adapted in 1854 that states Mary also was kept from original sin from the time of conception.