Fascinating Bible Facts Total number of books in: Bible 66 OT 39 NT 27 Total number of chapters: Bible 1,189 OT 9 29 NT 260 Total number of Verses: Bible 31,173 OT 23,214 NT 7,959 Total number of Words: (KJ) Bible 773,692 OT 592,439 NT 181,253 Total number of letters: (KJ) Bible 3,566,480 OT 2,728,100 NT 838,380 Middle book: Bible Micah and Nahum OT Proverbs NT 2 Thessalonians Middle Chapter: Bible Psalms 117 OT Job 20 NT Romans 8,9 Middle Verse: Bible Psalms 118:8 “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.” OT 2 Chronicles 20:17,18 NT Acts 27:17 The Largest book: Bible Psalms OT Psalms NT Luke The Smallest book: Bible 3 John (counting words) 2 John (counting verses) OT Obadiah NT 3 John (counting words) 2 John (counting verses) Longest Chapter: Bible Psalms 119 OT Psalms 119 NT Luke 1 Shortest Chapter: Bible Psalms 117 OT Psalms 117 NT Longest Verse: Bible Esther 8:9 (89 words, 425 letters) OT Esther 8:9 NT Revelation 20:4 (68 words, 282 letters) Shortest Verse: Bible John 11:35 OT 1 Chronicles 1:25 NT John 11:35 Longest Word and Name: Mahershalalhashbaz (Isaiah 8:1,3) Number of authors: 40 Moses wrote most OT books: 5 Paul wrote most NT books: 14 Gentile authors: 1 (Luke) Oldest OT book: Job (1500 BC) Oldest NT book: James (45 AD) Youngest OT book: Malachi (400 BC) Youngest NT book: Revelation (95 AD) Word “God” occurs: 4,370 times Word “Jehovah” occurs: 6,855 times Word “Lord” occurs: 7,736 times Word “eternity” occurs: 1 First complete English Bible: 1380 AD (John Wycliff) The Bible printed in: 1454 AD (It was the first book ever printed. Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press) Oldest “complete” manuscript Codex Vaticanus from 325 AD First chapter divisions made: 1227 AD OT verse added: 1448 AD NT verse added: 1551 AD Book not mentioning God: Esther, Similar Chapters: 2 Kings 19 and Isaiah 37 Verse containing all letters except J: Ezra 7:21 Verse containing all letters except Q: Daniel 4:37 Translated into languages: 2,018 different languages with more partial translations and audio translations (Shakespeare has 50) Best selling book of all time: Bible Bible Distribution in USA: 170,000 each day in the USA Annual world distribution: 30,000,000 Time required to read whole Bible: 70 hours The first ever vocal radio broadcast on December 24:1906 consisted of a reading from Luke chapter two.