Provide with Fellowship
with God
* salvation
* confession of sin
* obedience

with man
* acceptance- in your heart
* conversation- with your mouth
* interaction- with your deeds and activities

Prepare for Function
in life
* righteousness- with God
* responsibilities-
in the world
* relationshps- with people

In ministry
* identify- your gifts, calling, destiny, place in the body
* prepare- study word, hear spirit,
* practice/perfect- do it, manifest the Spirit

Production of Fruit
in church
* commitment- to the local body of believers functioning as a church
* contribution- give of your self to the church
* carry- a portion of the church’s load by working or serving in the church by taking personal responsibility for something that needs to be done.

in world
* contact- people outside the church
* bring- them to church by inviting them, calling and reminding them, or taking them
* follow up- make them your responsibility by listening to their questions, helping them make it back to church, urging them to hook up.

All this in a gracious manner