Evidence for the early date of Acts and Luke’s authorship:

1) No mention of the crucial fall of Jerusalem that occurred in 70 AD

2) No hint of deterioration of Roman & Jewish relationships resulting from War of 66AD

3) No hint of deterioration of Roman & Christian relationships due to Nero in 65-67 AD

4) There is no hint of Pastor James’ martyrdom by Sanhedrin in 67 AD

5) Gallio’s judgment (Acts 18:14-17) set a precedent to legitimize Christianity in Judaism

6) The Saducees are portrayed as still having authority reflecting a pre-70 AD date.

7) Acts never mentions Peter in Rome

8) Peter and John seem to be alive. No details are given about disciples death, but James

9) There were Gentiles in the synagogues. Few would be looking into Judiasm after 70

10) The temple is still standing with no hint of being destroyed

11) There is a confident tone of normal life continuing. Unlike life after in 65 and 70 AD

12) Acts ends as if these events were still occurring. The ending leaves Paul alive.