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Periods of Church History


Periods of Church History


1-325 AD  Beginnings

325-600  Acceptance and Conquest

600-1500  Christian Society

1500-1650  Reform

1650-1789  Reason, Revival and Revolution

1789-1914  Cities and Empires

1914-present  Ideology, Anxiety and Liberation

  -Eerdman’s Church History



  1-100  AD  Apostolic Christianity

  100-325  Ante-Nicene Christianity 

  311-600  Nicene and Post Nicene Christianity

  590-1073  Mediaeval Christianity

  1049-1517  Middle Ages

  German Reformation  Modern Christianity 

  Swiss Reformation  Modern Christianity

  -Church Historian Schaff



  5 BC-590 AD  Ancient Church

  Spread of Christianity in the empire  30-100 AD

  Struggle of Old Catholic Church for survival  100-313

  Supremacy of Old Catholic Church  313-590

  590-1517  Medieval Church

  Rise of Empire and Latin speaking Christianity   590-800

  Ebb and Flow in Church and State Relations        800-1054

  Supremacy of the Papacy       1054-1305    Medieval Sunset       1305-1517

  1517-present  Modern Church

  Reformation and Counter Reformation       1517-1648

  Rationalism, Revivalism, Denominationalism   1648-1789

  Revivalism, Missions, Modernism        1789-1914

  Church and Society in Tension        1914-now

  -Cairns in his Church History Book

   30-65  The Age of Jesus and the Apostles

 70-303  The Age of Early Christianity

  312-563  The Age of the Christian Empire

  590-1516  The Christian Middle Ages

  1517-1648  The Age of The Reformation

  1649-1781  The Age of Reason and Revival

  1789-1912  The Age of Progress

  1914-2000  The Age of Ideologies

  -Christian History Magazine Issue 28


  70-170            Ephesus                Rev. 2:1-7               Backslidden Church

 170-312          Smyrna                   Rev. 2:8-11            Persecuted Church

  313-606          Pergamos             Rev. 2:12-17          Licentious Church

  606-1517       Thyatira                  Rev. 2:18-20          Lax Church

  1517-1750     Sardis                    Rev. 3:1-6              Dead Church

  1750-1900      Philadelphia         Rev. 3:7-13            Favored Church

  1900-Rapture  Laodicea             Rev. 3:14-22         Lukewarm Church

  -Clarence Larkin, 1918, “Dispensational Truth”

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