Is Culture Able To “Tolerate” Righteousness?

About a year ago one of my sons was accepted to be on a college freshman orientation team. This team would be responsible for meeting the new freshman during their two day summer orientation. My son would show some new students around campus, answer questions, etc.

A few weeks later he was called in to meet with a group of campus personal who had selected him for this upcoming summer job. There was a problem. A couple of my son’s friends were homosexual and had been discussing homosexuality. My son had stated that he felt homosexuality was wrong. They said it was right. He said it was wrong.

There is nothing new here. Has anyone ever heard of pro-life/pro-choice or theism/atheism or legal/illegal drugs? Has anyone ever been on a college campus and debated different views or lifestyles? Does anyone realize this is a two-party election year? It had been reported to the hiring team by one of the homosexual boys that during a casual conversation my son had stated his opinion. My son had not beat the homosexual up, started a picket line or even burnt a rainbow. He simply said out loud that he believed homosexuality was wrong. The committee removed my son from the orientation team for being “intolerant” and for not representing the views of the campus. He replied that removing him from the team was actually the intolerant act. He also said he did represent a very large number of heterosexual men on campus.

Tolerance is a virtue. Tolerance is what allows evangelism to occur in our culture . Without the character trait of tolerance we could not discuss different views. Tolerance is defined as “permitting opinions and modes of worship contrary or different from the established belief; endurance; an allowance for error; to allow to be.” There must be differences between people for their to be tolerance. If two people have the same opinion they no longer tolerate each other. They agree.

The modern application of “tolerance” does not tolerate the righteous standards of Christianity. This is more than a word game. This is a battle of two belief systems.

Do you think that calling something wrong is wrong?