Generation Word Tape Ministry Increases

Generation Word’s ministry is to assist in providing this generation with the information it needs to become a generation of revival in this nation. This month we have added three more
sets of tapes to our inventory for people who take to heart Peter’s admonition to “prepare your minds for action.”

The tape series “You are Here For a Reason” teaches the logical concept that your purpose came before your creation and it can produce a vision in your life to empower you to run the race God has set before you.

“Are You Building on the Foundation With Your Culture or Divine Revelation?” is verse by verse teaching through the first four chapters of First Corinthians. It includes detailed background information of Corinth, the culture and the church in that city.

The Bible School provides us with a tape set that gives a solid overview of apologetics (defense of the faith), hermeneutics (principles of Bible interpretation) and the history of the English Bible.