Generation Word: Our Purpose is For Today

Christianity in our nation has been under attack for over a hundred years. Even churches that claim the name of Christ have struggled to embrace the truth of the Word of God and the reality of Godís plan for history. Even so, our culture is filled with people who believe in God and with people who have accepted Jesus Christ as savior.

The result is that many people who know there is a God and who believe in Jesus are spiritually lost, confused and weak. They have had their God given potential neutralized or even destroyed by those who would deny them the Word of God.

The survival of the United States depends on our population turning to God and to his righteousness. This can only happen if the believers, those who make up the body of Christ (the Church), are given the spiritual nutrition of the Word of God. The church is the light of the world, but if the church is in darkness how dark will our society get before it collapses?

The true Christian battle in the church age will never be fought with physical force or by killing those who reject the Truth. Christianity can only be spread when an individual heart understands the truth and accepts it. The truth of the scriptures is spread from heart to heart by the Spirit of God through the teaching of the Word of God.

Generation Word is helping teach Godís Word to a generation that is shaping history.