Generation Word Bible Study Plans a Night to Party!

Thanks be to God for enabling and equipping us to reach the six month mark for our Bible study. Whenever something new is started there is always the concern of how long it will last. The Bible study that started meeting on April 1 has successfully met every Monday night since that first meeting.

We have had over 130 different people come to one or more of the Bible studies. The largest attendance for one night is 46. . . But, on Monday night, October 7, we may break that record. . .We are going to have a party!!

Starting at 7:30 there will be some Bible related activities, followed by a drawing for 30+ door prizes (some of which you will wish had been a door), and much more including food and decorations. “Question and Answer Night” will be the theme for the evenings Bible study, so get that question you can never remember ready and plan on having a good time.

Generation Word wants to thank everyone for getting involved & for being a part of the last six months. Every one of us has benefited. Thanks!!