The “Open Door” for Our Generation

You and I are living at a time of open hearts and searching souls. Believers over the last 100 years fought for their faith until this day of opportunity came to pass.

The early 1900’s saw the rise of atheism, evolution, humanism and other worldly philosophies. As the last century was passing so were the hopes and expectations of these false ideas. Humanism began the 1900’s promising the golden age of a man-made utopia. Today this fantasy is at best quietly dismissed after, among other things, a century of war ended with the global threat of terrorism. Evolutionist expectantly began the 20th century believing that if given enough time they would find the fossil proof of Darwin’s theory. After 100 years of investigation, science itself has been forced to coronate their own divine Being they call the “intelligent designer.”

Atheism left the 1800’s proud and confident that religion was dying among men. They were assumed to be the rightful heirs of man’s devotion. Besides growing slower in converts than a liberal church with hard pews and no music their academic legitimacy took a blow this last year. The world’s most famous atheist, Antony Flew, announced that he had changed his mind. Flew had debated C.S. Lewis in 1949 by rejecting the existence of God. In 2004 he said, “I have become a deist like Thomas Jefferson.” Flew says he has always followed the evidence and the evidence has convinced him there is a God.

People are now ready to hear the word of truth. Jesus said at the beginning of the 4th generation, 40 years before Jerusalem’s fall, “Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” We are standing at the threshold of a new opportunity. The world knows there is a God. There is only one God and his truth is absolute from generation to generation, from beginning to end.