Knowing the Creator

We all possess and use things produced by manufacturers and companies. We have learned that there is an expected standard of quality that comes with certain brand names. Likewise, there are some that we expect very little from.

When I know the producer of a tool or a machine in my shop at home I already know a lot about what I can expect that tool to do. Certain brand names tell me I will be able to use their power tool for a long time, to expect a fine quality cut, to trust its ability to perform with consistent precision and to trust that the designers put some thought into making it safe and convenient to use.

Other brands Iíve learned to leave on the shelf in the store. The designer and producer of the tool is directly related to the quality of the tool.

If the manufacturer of a tool is unknown or unfamiliar then it is hard to know what kind of expectations to have for the tool. It becomes impossible to get parts or assistance. A tool of great quality can quickly become useless or ignored.

We evaluate ourselves and others in a similar way but ignore this basic principle that we normally use every day in our free market society. We do not consider the brand name that produced us. We neglect to consider ourselves as having been crafted by the eternal designer. Our lack of knowledge of God is going to be evident when we fail to view ourselves, our abilities, our destiny, our purpose with the God ordained perspective.

If we do not consider Him, we can not know our potential. We expect too little of ourselves. Consider the stars (Count them if you can!) before you set any limits on yourself and Godís plan for creating you.

Know Him who designed you to estimate your potential.