Inside Generation Word

Generation Word is incorporated as a non-profit organization. The members of the board of directors are Leo Mitchell, Toni Wiemers and Galyn Wiemers. The financial secretary in charge of handling all contributions to the ministry is Mary Stuart. The advisory board is used to help set the direction of the ministry towards fulfilling the purpose and vision

Galyn Wiemers is the president of the corporation and the pastor of Generation Word Church.

Galyn, 42, has spent sixteen years in ministry and Bible teaching often while teaching industrial technology at the high schol level, coaching or working construction. He graduated with a masters of Arts degree in Ministry from the American Christian College and Seminary.

He has served as pastor, taught in two Christian schools, led a youth group, and been a guest speaker in churches, at conventions and in a Bible college. Toni and Galyn have been married for 21 years and have six sons: Justin, 18, Paul, 17, Benjamin, 14, Nathan, 11, Zachary, 9, Jacob, 7.