Generation Word Church

Generation Word Church has been meeting for about two months. The services begin with 30 minutes of praise and worship music. The church sings along with music on CD’s that fills the room with the contemporary sound often heard on Christian radio. During this time communion is served after an introduction to the significance and life-changing value of the bread and the wine. Each person then takes a portion from the loaf and a cup to partake of after a few moments of thoughtful reflection while the music continues. Singing and worship resumes until the church finishes this opening portion of the service.

After sharing announcements concerning the church or comments from those attending, Pastor Galyn Wiemers introduces the message he will share that morning.

During the first eight weeks the messages have come from either the series entitled “The Church” or “You are Here for a Reason.” The first explained what each believer was capable of doing as a member of the body of Christ. The second encouraged each individual to accept the logical conclusion that they have a God-given purpose that comes along with their existence.

We would welcome anyone who feels they could benefit from our church and would desire to help us fulfill our vision of reaching this generation.