Generation Word Completes Three Years


Generation Word held its first Bible study on Monday night April 1, 2002.

Now, three years later tapes from that study have been requested by people in places like Idaho, New York, Brazil, & India.

At a time when the world is looking for answers and churches are searching for techniques Godís word proves to be the timeless treasure. God moves in many ways and through a variety of gifts. Among those ways is the communication of his written revelation. When the Spirit of God empowers a human soul to understand the eternal word that soul is set free. That soul receives light by which they can see clearly and make decisions in a dark world. That soul is empowered to rise above the ways of crumbling societies and live righteously. That soul is brought face to face with the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit to experience the powers of the coming age.

A person who receives Bible teaching is a person who is being equipped to do Godís work today.
The kingdom of God is coming to the earth, but for now it abides within us.

Since that first Monday night Bible study we have met every Monday night (with the exception of one snow storm.)

On Monday night, April 4, 2005 we will be meeting for the 156th time and beginning our fourth year.

Thank you to every one who has attended, who has listened to CDís and who understands and supports this ministry.