"Generation Word" Begins Ministry (July 2002, original newsletter, first article)

During the past three months Generation Word has held weekly Bible studies in West Des Moines, Ankeny and Grimes. In West Des Moines alone over one hundred different people
have attended. During the month of June the average weekly attendance was forty.

Galyn Wiemers began Generation Word ministries to bring the teachings of the Word of God to the heart of this generation. The goal is to help each believer know God, and then assist them in maturing and developing their spiritual gifts in order to find and fulfill God's calling for their lives.

Generation Word's vision for the immediate future includes several avenues such as a band, book publicatins, a Sunday evening Bible school, a tape ministry and the formation of Generation Word Church.

The criteria that will measure all ministries in Generation Word is:

1) Faithfulness to the Word of God and to Jesus.
2) Fruitfulness in the number of people influenced and their spiritual growth.

The expectation is that with defined goals, the solid start, and a continuing focus on God's people we will be able to reach across the nation to this generation with the reallity and freedom of Jesus Christ.