The Book of Ezekiel

In June of 597 BC the 30 year old priest Ezekiel received a dramatic vision from God calling him to speak to his nation. He was to speak for God to the Israelites. They had rebelled against God and had already suffered two deportations from Jerusalem into captivity. Ezekiel himself had been taken captive to Babylon. During the next 20 years Ezekiel would receive and date 13 messages from God for Israel and other nations. These messages covered information about the current world situation in the sixth century BC, but also, world situations in Ezekielís distant future including events that will unfold soon in our day and in the years that follow.

A broad sectional division of the book of Ezekiel would be: chapters 1-24 speaks of the coming judgment on Israel; chapters 25-32 announce the judgment on foreign nations; chapters 33-48 promise full restoration of Israel including the Millennial temple. This book uses dreams, visions, drama, allegory, parables and proverbs to communicate to Godís people. Ezekiel himself has to act out many of his messages. To do this Ezekiel once had to pack his possessions in a bag and dig through a wall. Another time he had to shave his hair, weigh it, and burn it. As a sign to the people, Ezekiel was not allowed to mourn when his wife died. Once he laid on his left side for 13 months. God also had him bake bread over cow manure.

Beginning in November the Bible Study will teach Ezekiel verse by verse.