From Generation Word Bible School’s Systematic Theology Unit:
End Times

Where we are at in history is one of the most important pieces of information a Christian can have. With an understanding of history past and prophecy future a believer will be able to establish priorities, understand world events, interact appropriately with society and government and know what God is expecting of them
and their lives.

To accept ignorance in the area of history and prophecy is to clearly fall short of God’s intention for our lives.

From Genesis to Revelation and every book in between God is communicating with people about where they are at in time and what he is going to do in the immediate future and the distant future. Below is a chart that is used in teaching eschatology, or the “study of end times”. There is much that could be said about
each of these areas below, but I will leave that to your present as an area of discussion and to my future as an area to write more.