From Generation Word Bible School’s Systematic Theology Unit:

Angels are a subject that man must refer to scripture for accurate information. They are not discovered through science or researched in philosophy.

They are mentioned over 270 times in the Bible in 34 of the books from Genesis to Revelation.

They were created by Jesus Christ (Col. 1:16) before the creation of the physical world (Job 38: 6,7) Multitudes of angels were created holy and good, but were limited in their power, ability and knowledge when compared with God.

Angels have personalities because they have intelligence (Mt. 8:29), emotions (Luke 2:13), wills (2 Tm. 2:26). As creatures with personality all angels will be subject to judgment.

Angels that choose to use their wills and personalities in line with God’s will and personality are called holy angels. But, long before man was created, but after the physical world was created, some of the angels choose to use their personalities against God’s will. These were led astray by the highest ranking angel known as Satan, or Lucifer. He is of the angelic class of the cherubim (Ez.28:14) Angles are said to be in “council” or “assemblies” (Ps. 89:5,9) They are organized in battle and led by a “king” in Revelation. (12:7; 9:11) Other classes or rankings of angels from scripture are: Archangel, Seraphim, Chef Prince, Rulers, Authorities, Powers, Thrones.

Hebrews 1:14 tells us holy angels are sent by God to serve us . They do this in a variety of ways. Scripture shows they are sent by God in response to prayer, to assist in leading people to faith in Christ, to bring encouragement, to greet us at death, and to observe our lives.