These are eleven of the words that occur more

than 200 times in the Greek New Testament


‘agioV                    holy

adelfoV              brother                    (as in Philadelphia)

akouw                  I hear                         (as in acoustics)

ginwskw             I come to know, learn, or realize

gunh                   woman

‘hmera               a day

logoV                     word                         (as in logic)

maqhthV             disciple

ouranoV             heaven

pathr                   father

pistiV                 faith


Transliterate these Greek words:

Note:  Words that begin with a vowel always have a breathing mark.  If the breathing mark is towards the vowel (like this ‘agios) it is called a rough breathing mark and it is pronounced by making an “h” sound before the word.  It the mark points away from the opening vowel it is silent and makes no sound.  These have been left of on these pages.

















ouranoV _________________________







Which Greek word would be used in the verse “In the beginning was the word”?

            maqhthV        logoV      ‘hmera


Jesus had twelve of these:

          pistiV             ‘agioV     maqhthV


The opposite of anqropoV is:

            pathr             gunh       adelfoV


Translate these sentences into all English:


The adelfoV had great pistiV ________________________


akouw ‘agioV logoV _____________________________


ginwskw the pathr in ouranoV______________________