Six Corrections of Old Testament Teaching

5:21-26            Murder

                        * anger, insult/ being offensive, being criminal

5:27-30            Adultery

                        * lust, uncontrolled eyes, hands

5:31-32            Divorce

                        * hardness of heart Mt. 19:8

                        * a new heart promised in Jr.31:31-34 and Ez. 36:26

5:33-37            Oaths

                        * “by” is “en” for “heaven, earth, your head”

                        * “by” is “eis” for “temple  and means “toward”

                        * An oath sworn “by” the temple, earth, etc. was not binding.  But “toward” the temple was

5:38-42            Eye for an Eye

                        * Eye for an Eye was the legal system of the culture it was not the way to deal with people

                                    in a personal relationship. 

                        * OT giving Ex 22:25, Dt. 15:7-11, Ps. 37:26

5:43-48            Love for Enemies

                        * no OT verse says hate enemies.  Rabbi’s did not teach this. 

*Qumran community did: “Love community and hate outsiders and be pure”

* This love is more than action.  It is attitude 1 Cor.13:3, they gave all but had no love.

* Loving friends is expanded selfishness


Three Righteous Deeds That Require Proper motivation

            These are righteous deeds that both men and God will honor.

6:2-4                Giving

6:5-15              Prayer

6:16-18            Fasting


Three Things That Cause Failure in Giving, Prayer, Fasting

6:19-24            Materialism                                                                                        deceitfulness of wealth

6:25-34            Concerns of Life       Parable of the Sower: Thorns and Rocks =    worries of this life

7:1-6                Judging Others                                  Matt. 13                                  trouble or persecution


Corrective steps for the three above failures

7:7                   Ask God, not men

7:7                   Seek God’s wisdom, not men’s

7:7                   Knock for God’s will, not man’s


“Ask, seek, knock” are all present tense stressing the requirement of persistence and sincerity

7:9 and 7:10    Both begin with “h” or “ay” and means “or” such as in “or, to put it another way.”







Ending Statement that Envelopes Jesus’ Teaching:

Jesus was correcting Old Testament Teaching of his day (not the Old Testament scriptures) in order to bring them back in line with the Kingdom of God.


7:12                 “So in everything”      panta” is “all things”      oun" is therefore”

                        “Therefore” indicates the wrap up of all his points


“Sums up the Law and the Prophets”             This envelopes Jesus teaching that he warned about in 5:17-20 and that began in 5:21.

See Romans 13:9


7:11                 “Good gifts” are the Holy Spirit in Luke 11:13


                        The Holy Spirit is the source of all blessing as seen in Romans 8;


                        8:4       New way of living (new heart, heart of flesh from Ez and Jr.)

                        8:5       Live in accordance with Spirit

                        8:6       Spirit is life and peace

                        8:9       Controls believer

                        8:9       Stakes Christ Ownership

                        8:11     Spirit raised Christ and gives life to our mortal bodies

                        8:13     Put misdeeds to death by Spirit

                        8:14     Leads us into son ship (meaning the imitation of Father’s character see Mt.5:45)

                        8:14     By Spirit we cry “Abba”

                        8:16     Spirit testifies with our spirit that:

                                    a) we are God’s children         b) we are heirs of God                        c) we are co-heirs w/                           8:26     Helps us in our weakness                                                                                Christ

                        8:27     Spirit Intercedes for us in accordance with God’s will


Summary of Jesus’ Message


7:13-14            Entering the Kingdom                                  Narrow Gate

7:15-20            Fruit of the Kingdom                                    False Prophets

7:21-23            Followers of the Kingdom                False Members (Leaders and Followers)

7:24-27            No alternatives for the Kingdom     Destruction in the day of storm now or at judgment