Jesus Seminar

(See “Jesus Seminar” p.386 in Baker Ency. of Christian Apologetics also, “Jesus, Quest for the Historical p.385 of the same.)


Organized in 1985 by 70 scholars.

They meet twice a year to make pronouncements about the authenticity of the words and deeds of Jesus.

They have a public information campaign that includes promoting their ideas by:

            a) TV

            b) Many articles

            c) Press interviews

            d) tapes

            e) movie


The group uses colored beads to vote on the accuracy of Jesus’ sayings:

            1) Red bead = probably spoke it

            2) Pink bead = could be attributed

            3) Gray bead = probably came from a later source

            4) Black bead = almost certainly did not speak it


They vote on:

            1) The four gospels

            2) Gospel of Peter

            3) Gospel of Thomas

            4) The “Q” document (Q = “quelle” or “source”) (see “Q Document” p.618 in Bakers Ency.)


Results of “Jesus Seminar”

15 sayings of Jesus recorded in these documents (or, 2%) are absolute

82 % not authentic

10% doubtful


(Results are on page 387 of Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics)


Matthew (420 sayings) 11 are authentic, 235 are almost certain Jesus never said.

Mark (177 sayings) 1 is authentic, 92 no

Luke (392) 14 are authentic, 185 no

John (140) 0 are authentic, 134 no

Thomas (202) 3 are authentic, 92 no


Conclusion of “Jesus Seminar” findings:

            1) The “old Jesus” and “old Christianity” are not longer relevant

            2) Jesus did not rise from the dead

            3) Gospels are from a late date and can not be trusted

            4) The authentic words of Jesus come from “Q”, Gospel of Thomas and Gospel of Peter.


Effect on Christianity:
Who is Jesus? a cynic, sage, reformer, feminist, prophet-teacher, radical socialist, end time preacher? But not savior.


The Jesus Seminar is corrupt, evil, false and not academic or scholarly. It is directed by contemporary philosophy based on presupositions at best and is the manifestation of Satan and the "doctrines of demons" at worst.