Chronology of Herodís Life


73 BC Herod born

67††††††† Queen Alexandra dies

††††† †††† Hyrcanus II high priest

66††††††† Aristobulus II high priest and king

65               Pompey (Romans) in Syria; end Seleucid kingdom

64††††††† Syria becomes Roman province

Hurricane destroys Judean crops

63††††††† Aristobulus II defeats Hyrcanus II

Pompey sides with Hyrcanus II

Pompey captures Jerusalem

Pharisees encourage Pompey to end Hasmonean rule

Hyrcanus II re-appointed high priest and ethnarch

Antipater sides with Pomey and helps administrate Jeudea

61††††††† Pompeyís victory in Rome

60††††††† First Triumvirate established to rule Rome Ė Caesar, Pompey, Crassus

57††††††† Hyrcanus loses power

Herod meets Mark Antony

56††††††† Aristobulus II revolts against Rome†††††††††††††††††††††

††††† Roman General Gabinius puts down Aristobulusí revolt

55††††††† Antipater helps Roman General Gabinius in Egypt

††††† Antipater is appointed procurator of Judea by Rome

54††††††† Crassus becomes governor of Syria

Crassus pillages temple

Crassus defeated and killed by Parthians

Cassius becomes governor of Syria

49††††††† Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon

Civil War in Rome between Caesar and Pompey

Julius Caesar named dictator of Rome

48††††††† Pompey assassinated

Antipater rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem

47 †††††† Sextus Caesar governor of Syria

Julius Caesar travels to Egypt, Syria, Asia

Caesar reinstates Cleopatra as Egyptís queen

Antipater becomes a Roman citizen

Antipater appointed procurator, Hyrcanus named ethnarch

Antipaterís sons appointed positions by Rome:

- Phasael appointed governor of Jerusalem

- Herod governor of Galilee

Herod puts down revolt in Galilee by Hezekiah

Proceedings held in Jerusalem against Herod for violence in Galilee

Herod marries Doris

46††††††† Rome appoints Herod governor of Coele-Syria (Phoenicia, and coast)

45††††††† Herod assists Caesarís troops against Apamea, a Syrian city near Antioch

††††††††††† Caesar adopts Octavian

44††††††† Julius Caesar is assassinated

43††††††† Antipater poisoned by Malichus

††††† Triumvirate #2 Ė Antony, Octavian, Lepidus

42††††††† Herod marries Mariamme I (a Hasmonean)

††††† Octavian and Mark Antony defeat Brutus and Cassius

41††††††† Herod meets with Antony in Bithynia

††††† Herod and Phasael appointed joint tetrarchs

40††††††† Antigonus (Hasmonean, son of Aristobulus II) named king of Parthians Parthians invade Judea

Jerusalem revolts against Herod and Phasael

††††† Phasael commits suicide

††††† Hyrcanus disfigured by Antigonus

Herod escapes Jerusalem for Rome by way of Masada to Alexandria to

Rhodes to Rome

††††††††††† Antigonus becomes High Priest

††††††††††† Herod in Rome and is named king of Judea, Galilee and Perea by Senate

39††††††† Idumaea and Samaria added to Herodís territory

††††† Herod arrives in Ptolemais

Herod takes Joppa and Masada

Herod attacks Jerusalem but retreats to Galilee

38††††††† Herod takes Sepphoris, Caves of Arbela

††††† Herod assists Mark Antony at Samosata (west banks of Euphrates)

37††††††† Herod besieges Jerusalem

††††† Herod takes control of Jerusalem in July

††††† Herod purges Sanhedrin

††††† Year of famine in Judea

36††††††† Ananel, from Babylon, appointed high priest

35††††††† Ananel deposed as high priest and replaced with Aristobulus III,

Mariammeís brother (the last Hasmonean high priest)

††††††††††† Aristobulus III drowns in Jericho

††††††††††† Ananel re-appointed high priest

34††††††† Antony questions Herod in Laodicea concerning death of Aristobulus III

††††† Cleopatra visits Jerusalem and gains Jericho and parts of costal plain

32††††††† Octavian and Antony begin Civil War

††††† Herod supports Antony

31††††††† Earthquake in Judea†††††††††

††††††††††† Octavian defeats Antony and Cleopatra

30††††††† Octavian confirms Herod as king of Judea in meeting at Rhodes

††††† Herod entertains Octavian at Ptolemais

††††† Herod supports Octavianís attack on Egypt

††††† Antony and Cleopatra commit suicide

††††† Herodís territory expands

††††† Herod accompanies Octavian from Egypt to Antioch

29††††††† Marcus Cicero governor of Syria

††††††††††† Mariamme is executed by Herod

††††††††††† Epidemic in Judea, Herod sick in Samaria

28††††††† Alexandra executed after scheme for power

††††† Sons of Baba executed by Herod

††††† Famine and plague in Judea

††††† Games hosted in Jerusalem

27††††††† Roman Senate proclaims Octavian as Emperor Caesar Augustus

23††††††† Herod gains Batanea, Trachonitis and Auranitis

††††† Herod sends his sons, Alexander and Aristobulus, to Rome for education.

††††† Herodís son, Archelaus, is born

22††††††† Gadara rebels against Herod

20††††††† Caesar Augustus (Octavian) visits Herod in Galilee, Samaria and Judea

††††† Herod gains Gaulanitis, Hulata and Panias

17††††††† Herod takes 2nd trip to Rome, this time to get sons Alexander and


13††††††† Herod makes a 2nd will names his son Antipater as his heir

12††††††† Herod accuses Alexander and Aristobulus before Augustus in Rome (3rd trip to Rome)

Herod, Antipater, Alexander, Aristobuus are reunited by Augustus and

return home together. Herod makes a 3rd will with Antipater as heir

and Alexander and Aristobulus as subordinates

††††††††††† Caesarea Maritima opens

††††††††††† Herod presides over and is President of Olympic games this year

11††††††† Revolt against Herod in Trachonitis

10††††††† Alexander and Aristobulus imprisoned by Herod

9††††††††† Herod invades Nabatea and is disciplined by Augustus

††††† Herod loses the right to name his successor; loses favor with Augustus

8††††††††† Herod visits Rome a 4th time and is reconciled to Augustus

††††† Augustus wishes to cede Nabatea to Herod

7††††††††† Alexander and Aristobulus strangled at Sebaste

††††† Herodís 4th will names Antipater heir with Philip succeeding him

††††† Antipater then plots against his father and his brother Philip

6††††††††† Herod separates from the Pharisees and rules for executions

††††† Archelaus and Antipas return to Jerusalem

††††† Antipater goes to Rome with a 5th will which names Antipater as heir

5††††††††† Antipater returns to Jerusalem and is tried and imprisioned

4††††††††† Herod names Antipas as sole heir in his 6th will

††††† Antipater is executed

††††† Herod names Archelaus, Antipas and Philip heirs in his 7th will

††††† Herod dies in Jericho in March

6 AD†† Archelaus is deposed and replace with prefects/procurators

††††††††††† Annas appointed high priest