Second Timothy


Paul was a prisoner in a Roman dungeon  (2 Tim. 1:8, 16; 4:6-13)



67 AD



Encourage Timothy in his ministry in Ephesus.

Timothy is admonished to

a) keep holding on to sound doctrine,

b) to defend it against all error,

c) to endure hardship as a good soldier 

d) to realize we are living in the days of growing apostasy



Faithfulness in the face of hardship.

1)  For the individual: 

a) “fan into flame the gift of God that is in you”  (1:6)                                            

b)  fighting the good fight and finishing the course (4:6-7)

2)  For the church: 

            a) entrust sound teaching to faithful men who will be able to teach others also by suffering and serving as a good soldier of Christ (2:2-4)



1)  The expression of Thanks for Timothy (1:3-7)

2)  The Call To Remember Timothy’s Responsibilities (1:8-18)

3)  The Character of A Faithful Servant (2:1-26)      

            a)  He is Strong in Grace (2:1)

            b)  He is a Multiplier of Disciples (2:2)

            c)  He is Single-Minded Like a Soldier (2:3-4)

            d)  He is Strict like an Athlete (2:5)

            e)  He is Enduring like a Farmer (2:6)

            f)  He is a Diligent Workman (2:14-19)

            g)  He is Faithful in Conduct (2:22-26)

4)  Predictions of Faithlessness (3:1-9)
5)  Challenge to Faithful Preaching (3:10-4-8)

            a) in the face of opposition (3:10-13)

            b) Faithful to God’s word (3:14-4:5)

            c)  Faithfulness of Paul (4:6-8)

6)  Reminder of God’s Faithfulness (4:6-8)